FS Group is a company specialized in the construction of sports infrastructure. We are passionate about sports and construction and we are glad to have found a way to combine them both. Our dedication and strive for perfection have led us to become a leader in this industry.

However, we never forgot our origins and it all started with the construction of commercial and residential buildings. We remain very active in general construction projects since our inception. We possess knowledge, skills, and equipment to engage in various construction projects including civil engineering as well as public, residential, industrial, and commercial constructions.

FS Group is cooperating only with the leading suppliers and partners to ensure high quality of our products and services. Building on great reputation of FIT SPORT we have created our international brand FS Group which is our new and common way to present the company on all markets.

Our mission

We improve people's lives and encourage sports activity by creating excellent sports infrastructure for children, recreational and professional athletes.


Our values



Our goal is that both our client and we are satisfied during and after we have completed each of our projects.


We do everything we can to respond to our client's desires quickly and adjust to their specific wishes 


As great sports fans we are creating excellent conditions for sports activities and thereby promoting the development of sports and the personal growth of individuals.

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We are committed to progress and improvements. We are cooperating with our partners in the development of new innovative products to always stay one step ahead.


We are building positive and respectful relations with our clients and partners that contribute to successful implementation of our projects and provide basis for further cooperation.

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We are committed to quality work and at the same time meeting the agreed deadlines. Our goal is that our clients are satisfied with our work in a long-term.


With our professional expertise and experience in the industry we are helping and advising our clients to execute projects well and efficiently.

Our vision

  • We a leading company in the construction of sports infrastructure in SE Europe

  • We are an internationally recognized company with a well-respected brand

  • We encourage people of all ages to participate in sports activities

  • We cooperate with the leading suppliers and partners

  • We take important part in the construction and creation of modern sports facilities

  • We provide the most advanced products and solutions available

  • We are searching for new markets and opportunities thus achieving company growth and successfully fulfilling our mission statement




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Contact Us

Get a quote or additional info: 

e:     info@fs-group.com

SI:    +386 40 889 188

HU:  +36 20 505 1415

Offices & Warehouse Slovenia

Head Office & Warehouse Address:

Peruzzijeva ulica 105, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Branch Office Posavje:

Finžgarjeva ulica 1, 8250 Brežice, Slovenia

Official Company info Slovenia

FS Group d.o.o.

Official address: Sv. Trojica 87, 1233 Dob, Slovenia

Company number: 2136287000

VAT ID Slovenia: SI27810470

VAT ID Hungary: HU30458358

IBAN: SI56 0700 0000 3325 832 (GB d.d.)

IBAN: SI56 2900 0005 2818 491 (UNICREDIT d.d.)

Office Hungary

Office Address in Hungary:

Szent Gellert Forum Dorozsmai ut. 2-4, 6728 Szeged, Hungary

Official Company info Hungary

FS Group Kft.

Official address: Dob utca 46/A 1.3., 1072 Budapest, Hungary

Company number: 26602035242

VAT ID: HU26602035

IBAN EUR: HU37 1091 8001 0000 0104 8333 0011

IBAN HU:   HU37 1091 8001 0000 0104 8333 0004

 UniCredit Bank Hungary 

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