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Football is long known for its universal popularity. And rightly so is this extremely interesting game recognized as the most popular sport in the world. Estimates show that there are more than 265 million players in the world and around 4 billion people are at least occasionally watching football.

We contribute to the sport’s popularity through creation of modern and high-quality football fields and stadiums. Even though we have great experience in construction of various sports infrastructure we are considered as specialists especially in the construction of football fields and connected infrastructure. Throughout company’s history we have taken a great effort towards modernization of football sports infrastructure in the region.

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FS Group is representing only world-class producers of football infrastructure materials and components which are recognized and independently tested by various international sports organizations such as FIFA (FIFA QUALITY).


We are proud to offer you our vast experience and cooperate with you in order to find the best solutions that will meet and even exceed your needs.

Whether you are looking for a football solution to suit a school playground or are building a new professional football stadium, we have an appropriate high-quality solution for you.

Consult with us to find the perfect solution for your new football project.

Football Field Types


Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the development of modern football without artificial turf football fields. Modern and high-quality artificial turf football fields can offer many advantages over the natural grass football fields, such as greater durability and thus extension of the possible lifespan, lower maintenance costs and easier maintenance.

We are an official representative of FieldTurf, which is the global leader in development and production of innovative artificial turf systems. FieldTurf artificial turf can be found in the training centres of world's most famous football clubs such as: Manchester City, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus etc.

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Hybrid grass football fields offer the best football playing surface currently available as they combine the best from both worlds. This new technology is becoming an industry standard for all major professional football stadiums and high-quality training centres around the world.

Hybrid grass football field technology offers 95% natural grass football field that allow more playing hours and quicker recovery of the field. Natural grass football field can be upgraded with hybrid technology in as little as 5 days. 


Natural grass football field does not visually differ much from other grassy areas we encounter in our everyday life. However, its specific use indicates that in order to create quality natural grass football field we must build it professionally and in a specific way.


It requires quality preparations including the construction of proper drainage system and optional additional systems for irrigation and heating. Then it is important to choose the correct grass type. After successful construction and installation of all systems and natural grass football field subsequent maintenance is essential.

Football field with natural grass can be created in two ways:

  • from cultivated turf for football;

  • sowing grass with a grass mixture for football fields.

We can help you with selecting the correct system based on your wishes, budget and timeliness.

Natural grass football field-Stozice Lju



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