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FS Group_SZIC Szeged football stadium an

Football stadium & training centre

SZIC Szeged


Selected projects


Over the years we have developed a reputation of being a reliable and knowledgeable partner with extensive and broad experience committed to high quality work.

We are glad to be able to list some of our most important projects below and thus showcase small part of our extensive reference list.


Years of Experience


Projects Completed


Different Countries

0,5 mio

m  of new Sports Infrastructure


Artificial Turf Sports Infrastructure

  • Football Association of Slovenia project for construction of large football fields:​

    • KRANJ (7.800 m2)

    • DRAVOGRAD (7.800 m2)

    • NOVA GORICA (7.500 m2)

    • PTUJ (7.700 m2)

    • KIDRIČEVO (7.900 m2)

    • MURSKA SOBOTA (7.900 m2)

    • NOVO MESTO (7.800 m2)

    • AJDOVŠČINA (7.800 m2)

    • DEKANI (7.700 m2)

  • FC OLIMPIJA LJUBLJANA: training centre (14.300 m2)

  • ​FC KOROTAN PREVALJE: main stadium (11.200 m2)

  • FC RUDAR TRBOVLJE: main stadium (10.965 m2)

  • FC IZOLA: main stadium (10.000 m2)

  • FC RADOMLJE: large football field (8.900 m2)

  • FC BELA KRAJINA: large football field (8.300 m2)

  • FC KOPER: large football field (8.300 m2)

  • BELTINCI: large football field (8.255 m2)

  • BREŽICE: large football field (8.000 m2)

  • FC MURA MURSKA SOBOTA: large football field (7.895 m2)

  • FC BRINJE GROSUPLJE: large football field (7.850 m2)

  • ŠD POLET SV. DUH – VIRMAŠE, ŠKOFJA LOKA: large football field (7.810 m2)

  • PTUJ: large football field (7.704 m2)

  • OLIMP CELJE: large football field (7.700 m2)

  • POLANA LENART: large football field (7.668 m2)

  • FC KRŠKO: large football field (7.630 m2)

  • DRAVINJA SLOVENSKE KONJICE: large football field (7.580 m2)

  • ŽAK LJUBLJANA: large football field (7.560 m2)

  • FC INTERBLOCK LJUBLJANA: large football field (7559 m2)

  • GROSYCS AKADEMIA FOOTBALLKLUB GYULA: large & small football field (6.720 & 1.000 m2)

  • GROSYCS AKADEMIA FOOTBALLKLUB GYULA: small indoor football field (2.740 m2)

  • TAPE SZEGED: large football field (7.128 m2)

  • FC MOLDOVA: large football field (7.600 m2)

  • STADIUM MAKSIMIR Zagreb: covering of athletic track with multipurpose artificial turf (7.500 m2)

Hybrid football field training centre Sz

Hybrid turf football fields

Most advanced football fields available

  • SZIC Juvenile Sport Center Szeged, Hungary:

    • Main football field on a Stadium (7.630 m2)

    • Three large training football fields (22.000 m2)

  • FC Ferencvaros Budapest, Hungary:

    • Three large training football fields (22.000 m2)​

Sports halls

  • Multipurpose sports hall Dravograd

  • Sports centre Harmonija Mengeš

  • Tennis hall Trbovlje

  • Sports hall Otočec

Sports hall Dravograd_FS Group.jpg

Athletic tracks

  • Military stadium Vipava

  • Stadium Rudar Trbovlje

  • Sports park Kostanjevica

  • Sports park Dovško Senovo

  • Sports park Livade Izola

Athletic track Vipava_FS


  • Sports park Šentjur

  • Hotel MONS Ljubljana

  • Rehabitalitation centre Soča Ljubljana

  • Sports park Prevalje


Beyond Sports Infrastructure

Even though FS Group is a company specialized for the construction of sports infrastructure we never forgot our origins.

It all started with the construction of commercial and residential buildings. Such projects and more are constantly present in our scope. We possess knowledge, skills, and equipment to engage in various construction projects including civil engineering as well as public, residential and commercial constructions.

Office Building

Office & Commercial

  • Office premises SMELT Ljubljana

  • Office building STEKLENI DVOR Ljubljana

  • Office building TIVOLI Ljubljana

  • Business premises DELTA BEOGRAD Beograd

  • Business premises ISKRATEL Kranj

  • Business premises KRANJSKA INVESTICIJSKA DRUŽBA Ljubljana

Slot machines


  • Casino IZOLA Izola

  • Casino METROPOL Portorož

  • HIT Casino GORNJA RADGONA Gornja Radgona

  • HIT Casino PERLA Nova Gorica

  • HIT Casino ROGAŠKA SLATINA Rogaška Slatina

  • HIT Casino TOLMIN Tolmin

Hotel FS Group.jpg


  • Hotel and congress center MONS Ljubljana

  • Hotel ANTUNOVIC Zagreb

  • Hotel chain TERME ČATEŽ

  • Hotel chain TERME OLIMIA

  • Hotel chain TERME ZREČE

  • Hotel CONTINENTAL Beograd

  • Hotel EXCELSIOR Dubrovnik

  • Hotels BERNARDIN Portorož

  • SAVA Hotels Bled

Apartment Building


  • Residential building BOHORIČEVA Ljubljana

  • Residential building DVOR MOSTE Ljubljana

  • Residential building KRIZANT Domžale

  • Residential building NJEGOŠEV KVART Ljubljana

  • Vacation complex STRUNJAN Strunjan

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