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Company FIT SPORT was renamed to FS Group!

Updated: Feb 2

With great pleasure we would like to inform you that our company FIT SPORT was renamed to FS Group.

FS Group's new logo

FS Group - Our New Brand

In line with the name change we have also developed our new corporate image and website. Reason for the name change lays in the expansion of our business to foreign markets and our desire to present ourselves under one and a common new brand FS Group.

Building Your Success

We will continue to strive towards good relations with our partners and clients and high quality of our work. With our new corporate image, we present you also our new slogan which exhibits our aspiration that we do as much as we can for our clients and partners and work together in Building Your Success.

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For any inquiries, questions, or commendations, please call, email or fill out the following form.

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Contact Us

Get a quote or additional info: 

e:     info@fs-group.com

SI:    +386 40 889 188

HU:  +36 20 505 1415

Offices & Warehouse Slovenia

Head Office & Warehouse Address:

Peruzzijeva ulica 105, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Branch Office Posavje:

Finžgarjeva ulica 1, 8250 Brežice, Slovenia

Official Company info Slovenia

FS Group d.o.o.

Official address: Sv. Trojica 87, 1233 Dob, Slovenia

Company number: 2136287000

VAT ID Slovenia: SI27810470

VAT ID Hungary: HU30458358

IBAN: SI56 0700 0000 3325 832 (GB d.d.)

IBAN: SI56 2900 0005 2818 491 (UNICREDIT d.d.)

Office Hungary

Office Address in Hungary:

Szent Gellert Forum Dorozsmai ut. 2-4, 6728 Szeged, Hungary

Official Company info Hungary

FS Group Kft.

Official address: Dob utca 46/A 1.3., 1072 Budapest, Hungary

Company number: 26602035242

VAT ID: HU26602035

IBAN EUR: HU37 1091 8001 0000 0104 8333 0011

IBAN HU:   HU37 1091 8001 0000 0104 8333 0004

 UniCredit Bank Hungary 

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